Who we are.....and what we Stand for.

The 4øR isAt The DøøR .

The #4oRHorsm3n 

1st : Boxx-A-Million/ Pestilence/ White Horse. 🏹

2nd : Lord Nexus/ War/ Red Horse. ⚔

3rd : X-it Only/ Famine/ Black Horse. ⚖

4th : Slick Dubble / Death/ Green Horse.☠

  03/14/2020 ........ The Day the Pandemic (Covid 19) Took the World by storm. We all came together for Slick Dubble's Video Shoot for #RHYMEANIMAL. 

  We all came to the Table and decided to work together as a Collective,  and we formed a Brotherhood.

 10 Months later, During the awakening of the George Floyd Tragedy; we created a song entitled,  'Enough Is Enough'. The song was placed on the UGS4LIFE/ MURDER MASTER MUSIC SHOW  COMPLIATION ALBUM : ' F••K The World'.

   That's when the World 1st Heard all 4 of us Together.  During an Interview with Scott Bejda ( MMMS )......... He asked would we be doing a Project together. That's when Slick Dubble stated, 'We have to give the public what they ask for....... And here we are Now. 

    Focusing on Content and Substance,  within their Bars (Rhymes) is what Stands This Group out from all the others.

   07/30/2021 : The 4orHorseM3N  Released their 1st Single. #SURVIVALMØDE ........ WHICH THE SONG GOT RAVE REVIEWS (SP Reviews/ CoreDj's/ Dj Clues- Desertstorm Website/ Nerve Dj's  Etc.....)  

  10/31/2021  The SELF-TITLE Ep : 4ØRHØRSEM3N  was Released with No Looking Back. 

 With Sponsorship From  Keep It Sticky Athletics  ( with Their own T-Shirt) and working close with ITUNES DIGITAL,  The 4ORHORSEM3N have Their own Merchandising.  Music is Streaming on All Digital Music Platforms . Currently Working on a Full Length  LP....... (TBA) before the End Of 2022. 

  3Years working ,  plus the The 4øR....... 

Equals = 7 Seals To Be Revealed.  This Group is Most Definitely, Serving on a Higher Purpose & Mission with The Music Being Created.   #4HM

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